We all have periods in our lives where we doubt our abilities and think negatively of ourselves.

The Rosenberg questionnaire will help you judge whether you are experiencing low self-esteem

Our levels of self-esteem can change regularly swinging from positive thoughts and feeling great to feeling low and having self-critical thoughts. However low self-esteem where we constantly think things like I’m incapable, no good, I’m a failure, I’m not good enough etc. can knock your self-confidence and make it hard to feel worthwhile. Using a CBT approach in treatment for low self-esteem will involve some of the following interventions

  • identifying negative self-beliefs (usually present from childhood)
  • identifying self-critical thinking and then developing skills to challenge these thoughts (thought records and identifying typically distorted of unhelpful thing styles)
  • learning to become more self-compassionate (use of self-compassionate exercises as part of homework)
  • assertiveness
  • positive qualities journal


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