Spiritual Healing

Hands on Healing
Spiritual healing is a complementary therapy that rebalances the energy field that exists around each of us. Everyone has an energy field or aura that surrounds and inter-penetrates the physical body. This energy field is ultimately associated with health – our physical, mental, social and spiritual health. When it is out of balance it can effect our health in any of these 4 areas. Spiritual healing brings balance to the mind body and/or emotions through laying the hands on the body over the chakras. It takes an hour to complete a healing in a session and the number of sessions required depends on the requirements of your body and mind. This healing therapy did not require any initiations but rather I trained under the direction of John Kenny who is the director of The Healing House, O Connell Avenue, Phibsborough, Dublin

Reiki is Japanese for universal life energy and it a hands on treatment that can help the body emotionally and spiritually by balancing the body’s life force energy. If your life force energy is low then you are more likely to get sick or feel stress and if it is high or in balance then you will feel more happy and healthy. It is not linked to any religion or dogma but the Reiki practitioner has to be attuned to the energy through a series of initiations. This is a non-intrusive treatment with similar benefits to the above spiritual healing the only difference being that I can use ancient Japanese healing symbols to accentuate the healing. I have trained to Reiki Master in the Tera-Mai System whose founder was Mikao Usi a Buddhist Monk.

African Reflexology
In reflexology reflex points on the feet are stimulated which impacts on the whole body affecting the organs and glands. The underlying principle is that each of the reflex points or zones correspond to a particular part of the body. By stimulating these points blockages are released and the energy flow of the body is rebalanced thus promoting the body’s natural healing power. African reflexology provides the same benefits as classical reflexology the main difference being that both the feet are stimulated at the same time

Amatsu originates from the martial traditions of Japan and is a physical therapy that restores balance (biotensegrity) to the body using natural body movement (taijutsu) to correct anatomical dysfunction. Amatsu uses a range of techniques including soft tissue work, structural adjustment and cranial work to release the inherent wellness that is diminished by dis-ease. It can be used to help musculo-skeletal and life-style related conditions.